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Working alongside a lawyer on a court case is obtainable through a variety of schooling options. Students can complete education online and enter a paralegal or legal assistant career. Training is offered at several educational levels allowing students to complete the program right for them.

Training is central in understanding how to help a lawyer prepare for a case. Students work through courses that help them understand legal jargon, law, and document preparation. Obtaining an associate's degree, which is the most common educational path, prepares students for the profession. Another popular education route taken is a certificate program. Overall, certificate programs are for students that already have a degree and want to transition into legal work. Students can also enter bachelor's and master's degree programs provided by a few online schools that offer this level of training.

An associate's degree provides students with the understanding of how to work with attorneys. Students can expect to learn how to assist a lawyer in every aspect of the case except for giving legal advice to a client. Paralegals and legal assistants are not allowed to represent a client. Working in public and private sectors has assistants doing different activities but students learn the basic knowledge needed to carry out specific legal tasks. Students can expect to gain skills that include:

  • Conducting research for certain cases
  • Understanding legal terminology
  • Helping attorneys prepare for hearings and trails
The purpose of these basic level skills are learned so students understand how to investigate facts and identify relevant information needed for a case. With this knowledge students write up a report that is used to handle a case. Legal research, civil litigation, family law, and administrative law are some courses that make up the focal point of education.

Students that want to obtain a bachelor's degree will find that education will broaden their knowledge and allow them to conduct more activities inside the work place. Education encompasses both general and legal specific courses that prepare students to take on numerous tasks. Professional duties may include:

  • Fact checking
  • Writing case documents
  • Helping attorneys set legal fees
Earning a four-year degree gives students more understanding of the field as well as the ability to enter managerial positions as a paralegal. Curriculum is more complex. It includes studying cyber law, tort law, legal writing, and real estate. A bachelor's degree is very helpful if students plan on entering law school after some years of experience.

Job opportunities as corporate or litigation paralegals are available to students that pursue an education. Students that enter an accredited program online gain an education that allows them to enter a satisfying career as a paralegal or legal assistant. Accreditation is provided by agencies like the American Bar Association ( to programs that offer a quality education. Numerous colleges offer programs at various educational levels and students can complete a program in as little as two years. Begin education now and research online colleges.

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