The Internet - Opening the Gates to Terrorism?

With the advent of the internet and the progress of related technologies changed the way we do things from research, business and our lives. Such is the importance of the internet that a lot of the comforts that we enjoy now would simply not be possible without internet technology. The internet provides services that made our lives much more convenient and comfortable, ranging from communications, online shopping, online education and online banking. A lot of things that we used to do physically can now be done online from the comfort of our homes or just about anywhere with a computer and internet connection. So much has changed because of the internet, and while this technology has brought about a lot of positive changes; it can also be used for something more sinister.

The internet also gave birth to a new breed of criminal elements. Cyber crime and terrorism is a very real threat right now. Criminal elements have evolved as well as technology changed. Cyber terrorism is a real threat to the modern society. Our society and our way of life are under terrorist threat everyday. Terrorist have been constantly innovating, finding new and more frightful ways to terrorize the free world. It's almost unbelievable that even in the virtual world of cyberspace terrorist could still threaten our way of life but the truth is they are even more of a threat in cyberspace than in the physical world. True that they are not much of a physical threat in cyberspace; however, the extent of damage cyber terrorists can do through the internet can be more extensive. The internet can be accessed by anyone with a computer and internet connection from anywhere in the world. Through the internet any individual with criminal intent can reach out to any country and perform his act of terrorism beyond the reach of the law.

It has been known that some terrorists are very well educated; even graduating and getting their degrees from some of the world's foremost universities. Contrary to popular belief that terrorists are uneducated individuals blinded by religion or their cause; a lot of terrorists come from affluent families perfectly capable of providing the best education for their children. Cyber terrorism can be done by any individual who has the necessary skills and technical knowledge of the technologies involved. Cyber terrorists can cripple economies if left unguarded. They crash the stock market hurting a country's economy seriously. Just imagine if cyber terrorists were to crash the stock market of a country, bring the traffic control system down, and freeze all transport systems that are dependent on computer and internet technology. Such acts of cyber terrorism can cripple a nation's economy and bring the nation to its knees. Such an act will not only affect one nation since almost all economies are interconnected. The ripple effect of such an act can cause damage of great proportions to other economies as well.

Law enforcement and other agencies around the world acknowledge this as a real threat. That's why major economies commit considerable financial resources in order to ensure that such a thing wouldn't take place. Criminal elements are evolving rapidly, law enforcement and other agencies are hard pressed to evolve as well in order to be able to combat and neutralize this new threat.


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