ISO 27001 Helping Businesses Be Their Own Cyber Police

In 2012 businesses are completely dependent on technology and the web. But as more businesses are realising their dependence, cyber crime is on the rise, and UK businesses are investing in new measures to secure their documents and products. It is vital that the business undergoing the certification has looked into the business they are getting the certification from and ensures it is a legitimate standard. The ISO 27001 is based on the guidelines set out by the 1998 Data Protection Act and developed through the DTI (Department of Trade and Industry) and with the British Standards Institute. ISO 27001 works within the law and ensures that companies can keep their data safe and secure.

Many businesses would be brought to a screeching halt if they were struck by cyber crime. Most people in the Western world today struggle to imagine a world without electricity and no access to Internet. For businesses it is vital to be able to access the web and many trade through their website and share company documents on clouds or via email. If struck by cyber crime, valuable information about a company could be sold on to competition, the business could be rob of money or system critical information and procedures.

Many businesses would be brought to a screeching halt if they were struck by cyber crime. The ISO 27001 helps businesses implement an Information Security Management System to secure their documents, processes and overall business.

The certification assesses the risk to the business and thoroughly runs trough your practices and ensures every aspect of the company. A 'gap-analysis' will be performed to assess the gap between the business' current practices and the international standard. This means the business will have a clear list of amendments to make. The certification will mean you are eliminating current dangers as well as preparing for any future threat and continuously updating your processes to fight of cyber crime. The 'plan, do, check, act' process of the ISO 27001 is helping businesses everyday build their defence.

When implementing amendments to your processes and business the certification will help train your staff and ensure that everyone are aware of new procedures. Processes are streamlined and made simpler to ensure the introduction for new staff is smooth, and training time for existing staff will be kept relatively short.

As cyber criminals become more intelligent and find new ways of breaking into systems, documents and businesses, companies themselves must build barriers against the thieves. The web is internationally accessible and the cyber criminals know no borders. The certification is internationally recognised which means it has equal authority all over the world. This can be crucial to businesses who are trading across borders. The increase in businesses adopting Information Security Management Systems can help expand the range of trade and secure Britain as a recognised 'cyber crime free zone'.


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