The Prolification of Pornography

The internet nowadays has become one of our foremost sources of information, a tool for business, recreation and communication. Everything you would want to know about almost anything under the sun can be found on the internet. Despite of all the positive ways that we can use the internet, it has also become a tool for certain individuals with not so good intentions. These individuals use the internet to do malicious things.

The internet is a power piece of technology. It allowed us to do things that were not possible before the internet. It allowed businesses to compete on the international market which was difficult and expensive before the internet. The internet also allowed individuals to communicate with families and friends no matter where they are in the world. These are just some of the positive benefits of the internet. In the years that followed after the internet was introduced to the general public, individuals of shady characters discovered how to use the internet for their own malicious purpose. The internet has become a playing ground for criminals. Cyber crimes are being perpetrated in earnest ranging from internet scams to gambling, and to this day the law seems to be unable to put a stop to these problems. One of the most prevalent problems on the internet is pornography. It is safe to say that pornography is the biggest problem on the internet today. A number of years ago pornography and pornographic materials can only be accessed through printed media and videos which were strictly controlled by the law.

Back then minors would have a difficult time trying to access such materials. Things have changed a lot since then. Now pornography has become a booming industry on the internet and with little or no control by the law. Now anybody and everybody have access to pornography through the internet. Age restriction as mandated by law for pornographic materials is not in effect where internet pornography is concerned. This level of access to pornographic materials and videos is a threat to children. Another bad side of this booming business of pornography is that the producers of these videos not only prey on women but young underage girls and children for their videos leaving their victims scarred for the rest of their lives. Internet pornography also propagated the rising numbers of sexual predators on the internet who prey on innocent children on the internet.

Pornography on the internet should be kept in check. The government should be some form of control to keep those who use the internet safe. Child pornography should be closely monitored and the sites closed. All laws pertaining to the adult movie industry should be enforced and new laws passed to curb this problem. It is true that we have our rights, but these rights come with responsibilities too. Age restrictions should be fully enforced by the law and parents should be vigilant when they allow their children to use the internet. The internet should be safe for everybody to use whether you're an 8 year old kid or a 50 year old man.


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