Mother's Day - The True Message

Mothers hold their children's hands for a short while, but their Hearts forever. -Unknown author

Today it is Mother's Day. By some ironical quirk of fate I am alone today. My 4 children are away, my partner is at a function, and my very own mother is busy. It is the first day in 10 years that I am alone on Mother's Day. My first instinct this morning as I awoke was to feel some self-pity; drown in a "Oh woe is me" moment. 'This is just not fair, I am a mother!" I thought with some childish petulance as I pulled the doona covers right over my head. And then I heard the familiar tone of my mobile as I received a text message and I cautiously peeked out from my cubby hole. My best friend sent me a text wishing me a happy Mother's Day and thanking me for the blessing of our friendship. Oh Thank-you Anita

I then climbed out of bed and sat at my computer. I opened my YouTube account only to find many selfless kind generous messages wishing me a happy Mother's Day. These loving messages were like receiving a giant cyber-hug. I instantly felt part of a group, I felt loved, and I felt acknowledged. I felt lonely no longer. Thank you to all of you who kindly sent me messages.

I guess, for me, the "feel good" feeling I received from these messages reinforced the true message of Mother's Day.

The spirit of Mother's Day is about giving to others, not necessarily the giving of commercial gifts, but rather the giving of consideration, empathy, and compassion. The true spirit of Mother's Day is about sparing a selfless thought for another. And it is the giving of these selfless thoughts which inspires the law of attraction.

So let's take a moment to remember that Mother's Day is not about receiving gifts, it is not about the ownership of a child, and it is not about commercialisation. It is purely and simply about acknowledging both the selfless role of motherhood as well as the understanding that we never own our children.

We have the honoured role, for a period of time, to lead our children in the journey of life. We hold their hands for a short while and then gently nudge them towards the wilderness of establishing own success and walking in their own journeys.


annewalker said...

Such a wonderful thought. Yes, sometimes it's not all about the gift or whether your kids commemorate the day with grandiose celebration. It's all about the love and yes, compassion. This is one of the best and realistic Mothers day messages I've read today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Anne xxx

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