Cyber Commands

Recently I have witnessed the growth in the cyber world or what some call the Internet. The velocity in which data and communication travels has piqued my interest. Messages and emails changing hands in just a matter of seconds; answers can be found with just one click; communication to friends and loved ones even in a different country is possible, and the list goes on and on.

I have also noticed the thin line between believers' exchange of information and that of the world or unbeliever; those who are not regenerated in their minds. I then looked at family websites shared by saved and unsaved and the confusion increased even more. Is there a difference?

Immediately a thought quickened in my spirit to present what I believe is a missing commodity today, and that is a Christian's approach to the world of technology. The reason why I call this a cyber commandment is because we have phones and computers in which we exchange information, messages and pictures. Times certainly have changed and the change in times should propel us to conduct ourselves in a way that reflects our Lord and Savior, regardless of the liberties we feel that we are entitled to. There must be a clear line the separates the called out ones and the unsaved. How will the unsaved know what "different" is if they see the same with us?

Some believers may be basing their walk solely on a Sunday morning rituals and leave the rest of the week for indulgences and entertainment. While it is not a sin to have a good time, the danger is when we compromise our manner of life with poor choices and damaging conversations. We are admonished in the book of I Peter chapter 1 and verse 15 of this, "but as He who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct." Another translation replaces the word conduct with conversation. The Greek word for this word conduct is a form of another word that literally means to live in this principle, abide in this way, or to communicate in that manner. It does not matter the format, the place, or the means-all communication is reflective of your conduct and represents or confirms how your manner of life is established or governed.

In the weeks ahead, I will present one commandment for Christ-like cyber world communication with Scriptural support. During this time we will see that God's word does have cyber guidelines which relay how His people should communicate to the world. Remember, what you put on paper or online can never be erased or replaced. We have the potential of amassing generation after generation of an information trail that cannot be deleted or quarantined. Let's make the line apparent and conduct ourselves in a Christ-like manner.


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