Cyber Bulling - What You Can Do About It

Cyber bullying can come in many forms and a cyber bully can use a variety of tools to accomplish his/her task including cell phones, computers, and game consoles. The bullying can come in the form of a direct attack or cyber bullying by proxy. In a direct attack the cyber bully is personally responsible for the acts whereas in cyber bullying by proxy the offender coerces others into bullying the target.

Simply talking things over with the bully(s) or their parents may resolve the issue. If this does not work or is not feasible, the next step is to ignore and block the attacks. An attempt should be made to block the offender's email account, phone number, or other means of bullying. If they still attempt to bully through cyberspace then reporting the attacks will be necessary. Report the bullying to the school system, Internet service provider, and ultimately to the authorities.

In reporting cyber crimes to the authorities make sure that you have records of the emails, texts, or messages as proof of the harassment. Do not attempt to lash out as this will only add fuel to the fire and likely leave a trail that could be used to paint you as the bully instead of the victim. Research state laws to determine what legal action can be taken, as legislation on cyber crimes differs from state to state. The key in dealing with cyber bullying is to maintain control and begin with the least confrontational solution, escalating to more extreme measures only as necessary.


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