What Law Enforcement Jobs Are You Looking For?

Factually speaking, there are several options for you once you have completed your law enforcement professional degree. There are several law enforcement jobs waiting for you-you have to just see which of them the best fit is for you. Now, there are several things that you should look at. You should look at which career profile suits your capabilities and interests the most. You have to look at what you stand to earn in each of these careers. You also have to consider your long-term goals, whether you would like to stay with the particular career for long or not. Here is a lowdown of the different law enforcement jobs that abound, from which you can choose what might be the best for you.

Special Agent of the FBI

The name of this post surely sounds more exciting than any other. When you are an FBI agent, you investigate crimes shrouded in a great deal of secrecy. You will need to be highly secretive about your job and there are times when things can get to be very risky. Tasks that will be assigned to you will include law enforcement in cases of organized crime, foreign counterintelligence, cyber crime, drug trafficking and so much more. FBI agents are highly regarded by other law enforcement officers and the government itself, and have to often carry with them nonpublic government information. One of the perks is that you will get to travel a lot.

Special Agent of the CIA

People who work as agents of the CIA are officially called as CIA Clandestine Services Core Collectors. The main job here is to gather classified information from around the world. The information is given to the CIA headquarters. There's a lot of risk involved here as well, and there's also a great deal of secrecy. You might be required to keep your identity secret. If you have watched Hollywood movies in which people keep their CIA identities secret even from their friends and family? Well, this is the job in which you have to do that.

Agent with the DEA

The DEA is the Drug Enforcement Administration. Here your primary task is to bring all people who flout drug trafficking rules to book. The US government is quite serious about drug-related crimes, and it could have gone no further in its war against these crimes without DEA agents. Hence, with these law enforcement jobs, people have a very important role to play. You will be working undercover most of the time and you will be collecting a lot of information that would help bring drug trafficking criminals to book. Since a lot of drug-related crime is run by criminal organizations, it might mean face-offs with them as well. There is a high degree of risk involved.

These were just three of the most exciting law enforcement jobs that are popular currently. Each of them is very highly paying and has dollops of mystery and intrigue. What you have to think is whether you are cut out for such jobs.


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