Cyber Law and Slander Online Considered

We are starting to see more and more Internet Laws being added to the books in many different agencies in the United States. There are cyber laws at the FBI, FCC, SEC, FTC and many other places cropping up. What is unfortunate indeed is that most of these laws are made to protect US Citizens and yet only enforced onto US Citizens. We have Identity Theft Laws, Child Porn, SPAM, Phishing and Hacking Laws and yet in reality most of the criminals who specialize here are not US Citizens and do not live in the US.

Perhaps as the Internet Started those sorts of criminals were from here, but not anymore, as the United States has been cleaning up its act. Now these criminals come from other countries and the Internet knows no bounds. They hide in far away countries and host their websites in far away cities, half way around the world and they prey on the US Citizens. Our Cyber Laws cannot protect the American People in this case.

Then there are those harassing slander laws, which seem to be selectively enforced as well. Even the government itself slanders citizens on the Internet accusing them of things they did not do or purporting their side of the case in self-aggrandizement prior to any court of law. It appears that in the future all these issues must be addressed other wise any cyber laws, which are made are never going to stop the crime being committed. Consider all this in 2006.


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