Cyber Security, Twitter, Facebook, Influence and Your Privacy

Starting off, with all of the social buzz hitting Washington over the last few years, three of which the Republicans did nothing more than to attack are then 'Lame Duck' president and hope to turn things around so they could be the way they were prior to 2008. The succeeded. In attempts to 'fix things' they did the only thing that could happen. Make them ever so much worse.

The same thing is happening with our Internet and so called Cyber Security laws. The only truth we could hang our hat on would be the reporting from FOX news, but then again, that stuff works really well in North Korea.

So we have SOPA, PIPA, ACTA and even new Cyber Security Bill CISPA! The questions that should be coming to mind should center on "ok, what are they REALLY trying to do here?". Fact is, outside of FOX news, there has been a serious backlash from every new media channel, blog, commentators and special interest group.

What they are trying to do? Pass an intelligent piece of legislation to protect our Internet, privacy rights and country from cyber attack. Right.

A lot of what I have found out, after being in the information technology industry for quite a number of years is that companies secure their information, their data, their customer and employee base of information and guard that like you'd never believe. The legal issues over and above any multi-lettered legislation are so severe that they can't really fool around. Banks and financial institutions inclusive.

What SOPA started out as is a way to potentially silence small blogs from telling the truth that some media (bought off?) is never going to tell. Instituting 'protections' that can be more like a precursor to Big Brother sooner than later.

So what does social media and privacy have to do with this? Everything. They want to sell your private information. Period. It is an 'asset' they want to own whilst the 'lawmakers' that now have a 10% approval rate, want their tribute and benefits and really need to protect their interests in 'their job'. Well this hasn't and continues to not work out so well in the latter half of this political season.

So what you need to be aware of: Don't give away your personal information to the social media sites, don't let your kids nor loved ones, friends or relatives do the same. Private is private. Don't hear a nice multi-lettered name and a talking head convince you that there is legislation in the works for your best interest. Their NEEDS TO BE legislation in everyone's best interest but this is a battle we all must face daily through constant communication, yes through social media too, with the appropriate channels to make sure that the necessary legislation does get in place.

We don't need the lock downs like Iran and China are planning and have implemented. This is not free speech. And does little to protect anyone's privacy.

The internet changed how the world communicates and it uncovered a lot of things that needed to be uncovered, raised the political awareness so now everyone can have their privacy respected and have a say in our future. Lets keep it that way.


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