Tips On Bullying Prevention

No one wants their child to be bullied and no one wants their child to become the bully. School officials often deal with bullying and it affects everyday happenings. Bully Prevention is a program that many schools are discussing throughout the year and putting in place. It is a way to help children feel safe and know if they are suffering they are not alone as they can go to school officials. Those that are bullying will also understand that bullying someone is not something that is accepted.

Bullying is anything from verbal to physical abuse. If your child is being bullied they will not be comfortable going to school, feel depressed, have low self esteem or in some cases be aggressive. Each child is different. Other things to watch are if they are missing anything or items are damaged. Watch if the child has a lot of injuries. Often when children are bullied they don't tell anyone and they just suffer. If possible parents what to know there are ways to help with bullying prevention.

It is important to know that often it is a child that is small, anxious, quiet or sensitive that could be bullied. Even if your child does not fit this description you can teach them what they need to do. First, tell them that bullying is not nice. They need to know that is it is not okay to be a bully because it hurts others. They would not want to be bullied and they should not do so to someone else. Now, you can discuss what to do if your child is bullied. Bullying Prevention can be done through education. Let them know how to handle it if it does happen. Tell them fighting is not the answer, but they can tell the bully to stop. Another thing is to tell them is to walk away and talk to a teacher. Let them know if they have trouble and their teachers aren't able to handle it then you will meet with school officials.

Additionally, children need to be made aware of the fact that cyber bullying is not approved. It may seem innocuous to some but with younger children spending a lot of time online, parents need to monitor their movements online. However, if you think that your child is acting strange or has any signs that do not match his or her normal behavior patterns, it should send an alert. Cyber bullying is catching on faster due to the impersonal pattern on the internet. However, police is actively involved while cyber laws have been put into effect that monitor any aspect of online bullying.

Let your child know you support them. Prepare them for dealing with these issues then they will feel more confident. It could be a source of Bullying Prevention. Bullying has many side effects including what has already been mentioned as well as having trouble sleeping and getting poor grades. It is important for your child to feel safe and comfortable at school.


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