Getting Results Instead of Being a Law of Attraction Junkie

Quite a number of various self-help books, magazines and journals are spread at any bookstores worldwide. They cater for people that are aiming for success in life. They introduce many factors and essential elements in acquiring prosperity. This course is created based on the years of factual observations and vital conversations and dialogues on these "main ingredients" of success:

- Having an Attainable Pace

Our modern society demands most of our time. Career-oriented individuals have everything to spend but time. It is apparent in their fully booked daily planners that they are indeed very busy people. And so, we take into account this fact. That is why we chopped this program into a doable pace. So no matter how tight might your schedule be, you will still have the time to grow and learn, and make personal growth your priority.

- Result-oriented Outlook

The results that you are going to achieve in this 52-week course and the changes you are going to undertake in becoming a better person will be the basis in evaluating the success of this program.

- One Beacon at a Time

Set a plan and stay focus on it. Your focus must coincide with the specific beacon of each month. Give it about 30 days of close scrutiny and consideration. Light only one beacon at a time, so to speak. It is impossible to light all the beacons atop every hills and mountains all at the same time with one matchstick. One beacon must be set on fire first to signal the ignition of the next beacon, and so on and so forth. This way, you can concentrate to just one and give all your attention to it. Then slowly but surely build it and reach your goal. You'll see it would be so much easier.

- Weekly Cyber Connection

Make most of e-mail services. Bring and retain continuity in your personal development course by taking advantage of e-mail. Weekly e-mails help us to create a continuous flow of the program, without having to jump in and out and get lost in the process. That is obviously because it is very accessible for us. It eliminates the feeling of having to start all over again at square one. Indeed, continuity and synergy are essential factors to acquire prosperity in life.

- Audio Materials and Supplemental Books

This is good news for Associate Level 2 and Apprentice members. Included in your course program package are audio materials so you can continue your character development even while driving your car, relaxing beside the pool or just doing household chores. Complementary books give you also additional valuable information, strategies and techniques that you can use each week. This way, you are already maximizing your time and efficiently managing it.

- Conference Calls

We also make use of conference calls from various industry leaders. We focus to one specific topic each month, in relation with your purpose and goal as well for that particular period of time.

- Bonuses: E-Books & Audio Books

What is our job?

Our job is to provide and deliver to you these "main ingredients" of success and prosperity. We will give you as well the specific recipe that you can use as your guide to make the most of these success factors.

As for your part, you're the one who'll do the cooking. There may be times when you would feel like you are much involved in a certain process than others. You know what? There is nothing to worry. That is perfectly normal. All you just have to do is to do your part wholeheartedly, stay focus, and stick to the course plan. I assure you, you'll never go wrong. As a matter of fact, you will notice significant changes and growth in your life. Then you will be more encouraged to continue this program.


Like I said earlier, we're taking you to a journey. This course will be your bus, your bus driver and tour guide rolled into one. And your first stop over is Personal Growth. However, we are not stopping for some refreshment or leisure sightseeing. We stop so you can get off the bus and closely examine not your surroundings but yourself.

The bus will not go anywhere. It will stay where it parked. You might get bored at times and would want to go somewhere but the bus will not head off unless you have fulfilled your goal and purpose on your first stop, that is to develop your character and have personal growth to become a better person.

You're going to love "stop over PG". You might feel alone and things will be too much to bear at times but PG is a place like no other. It is a place where you can find the answers that keep eluding you, you'll find keys to doors that have never been opened where rooms have never been explored or occupied.

So look around. What are the keys to personal development? Let's find out.


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