Web Development Services - Necessity, Limitations and Its Impact on Masses


Web development generally became the necessity of the individuals today. Last two decades technologist continuously strive themselves to unleash their standalone programming potentials to make a common platform where lots of players across the globe can share their in formations. The World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners Lee in 1991 which bridged the gap between the centralized and decentralized software applications. Hence web became the necessity and the purpose of globalization.

Gone are the days when individuals had to do paper work each and every official as well as personal work. Loads of books on the back have been replaced with laptops and online learning and training institutes are mushrooming here and there. Queue on the bank and railways has been shifted to the stack on the server and executives are being replaced by the client or personal computer with internet running client server and web applications.

Fraud is being monitored and controlled 24 hours a day with the help of applications. Moreover the rapid craze of social media has once again pulled the users to its side.
Social networking site has been a common place for the variety of individuals ranging from school children to college guys, from brokers to sellers, from organizers to managers and from buyers to sellers.


Birth of every new technology gives us a light and hope for every individual that something better is going to be happened. As every new gadget are developed and invented keeping the view of the necessity of users or in terms of business as customers.

Upon the curiosity, everyone looses their sense for a while and hence makes a way to the intruders for allowing them to do some unethical stuff, here where security measure comes to the point.

Many personal details have been hacked so far and many lives have been lost over the decade due to some sites on internet.

Lots of banking transactions are being done everyday and many sites are being hacked. Web applications services have been developed from small text website to a large complex portals but none of the applications guarantees its security.

Cyber terrorism leads to a new form of law known as cyber law hence cyber security came into force. Each good and worse activity on web carries with it a ripple effect on others. Hyper text transfer protocol appeared as insufficient and hence new protocol called secured hyper text transfer protocol has been developed for ensuring a better secure communication between client and server. It is now being used by many electronic commerce and banking related sites.

Impact on Masses:

Web Development Services fulfills the needs of an individual or business organization who wants to make their services or name on a global presence.

The impact of web development is on the head of every alive species on this planet whether its a business man or fun loving individual. Former is hungry for business information needs and later for having fun. Lots of individuals are engaged themselves chatting, playing games on the internet.

Every small and big organization is striving to make their products and services global. Due to the demand of applications Web Development Organizations throughout the globe are striving themselves to deliver websites faster and better. Hence web development service is being considered as the key service for the mankind today.


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