Kids and Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a form of harassment where a minor is involved as a victim. Most of the time the bully is also a minor, but not always. Unfortunately, at the time of writing this article there is no law against cyber bullying. Even when an adult brought a victim to the edge so that she committed suicide, the lawyers argued that any action will be taken against the "murderer" will be a "crime against the freedom of speech"!

As bitter as it tastes, this is reality that we have to deal with. As parents, we are obligated and entitled to protect our kids the way that fits with our capabilities and situations. Below you'll learn about some forms of cyber bullying, and what you can do to deal with such a situation where your kids are under virtual attack of an irresponsible person.

Cyber bullying can take several forms. Any act that hurts the feelings of your child can be classified as bullying. Those acts might include calling names in chat rooms or emails, posting mean comments on blogs or social media, all the way through videotaping the victim in humiliating positions and sharing the material with the world.

To deal with these situations you need a strategy, not just an immediate action. This strategy is suggested to be as follows:

First, be 100% sure that your kids will come to you whenever they have a problem, and that they are also 100% sure they'll find a listening ear and a loving parent willing to share the emotions and help sooth them away. Not doing this is the main reason some kids lost their lives due to cyber bullying.

Second, make sure your kids know what to do when they are being bullied. Have it simplified for them in a 1,2,3 type of action plan. If you need help with this get the proper help immediately.

Third, be always alert for signs of depression, low self esteem, and changes in your kids achievement in the school.


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