We Can Thrive in This Economy No Matter What the Media is Telling Us, Says the Eternal Optimist

What we are experiencing with this economy is, from my point of view, a Major Correction. Life in this universe is about expansion and balance. Everything in nature is kept in balance by cyclic forces. It is no different with our financial system. We have had our "booms" and "busts." Because we are a part of nature and the universe we are subject to these laws which are cyclic.

Over these past few decades, we have spent more than we have been making - plain and simple and now it is time to pull back and live within our means. It is going to be tough! We will have to have hope and a vision that things will get better to get us through these times with persistence and determination.

This major correction we are experiencing is to shift the thinking and perspectives of the values that people in this country have put on things and life. This is an opportunity to change our world by changing our lives. In order to do so we may have to experience some unpleasantries. "Sometimes things have to get worse before they get better."

So let's look at how I think we got here in an elementary way.

A couple of factors to remember are 1) we have become a nation of instant gratification and we are now paying for this. When our parents and grandparents wanted something they saved their hard earned dollars for it - THEN bought it. They did not have credit cards and their only "credit based" payment was their house payment. 2) Somehow we have taken to equating having abundance to having "things". We kept wanting more things to "show" for our hard work. It is unfortunate that our societal thinking got off track.

There is still the abundance of money and supplies "out there" for everyone. It has just been shifting around. In light of the appearance of lack and loss, the reality is that there is plenty. What needs to happen is for the people of this nation is to break free from "the matrix" program. By this I mean that most people have been conditioned, programmed if you will, to think that the way to live is to have a job, get what you want now and pay for it later. Well, guess what?... Later has arrived!

*Stop*Breaking News

We can help this "Correction" to process faster if we as a people as a nation - change and correct our thinking. Yes, just like that! We can put the brakes on all this by creating a positive collective consciousness. Lets all get on the same page by thinking more positively!

It is unfortunate that our media has so much control over everyone who watches TV. They "sell" negativity. Negativity is what is perpetuating this downward spiral.

If people would stop watching TV, especially the News it would 1) stop the flow of negative thoughts and energy to the people and 2) the time used to watch TV could be used to create, to connect with the creativity that is in all of us. A simple solution... easier said than done.

We are all born with the innate ability to create our life by our thoughts and our dreams. We need to regain that ability by stopping the constant daily inflow of negativity by the Media.

What is going to revive America is resurgence of small businesses. People using their creativity to develop goods and services and marketing their products will bring about an enormous economic change. It is happening on "Cyber Street" now!

There is a huge movement on what I call "Cyber Street" (the internet) to create wealth by the virtual exchange of goods and services for money. The principle of what is happening on "Cyber Street" can help to bring back the balance of commerce to Main Street and Wall Street.

What is being created on Cyber Street is the generating of positive energy of hope for abundance. It is all a way to increase one's value by increasing one's knowledge. By increasing one's value to serve others is going to increase the flow of money energy to you.

By increasing your knowledge and skills on the use of the internet, you can increase your creative flow thus increase the flow of money energy to you. This does take time and in spite of all the hype of making thousands of dollars in 6 days or what ever, we need to remember that they have worked for years on their knowledge and experience base to be able to make thousands in a day. YOU CAN TOO! But you still need to go through the learning curve that everyone does before you see the results they are talking about.

BUT WAIT - Don't Despair

Everything you DO learn from them will shorten the time it will take you to become successful. Along the way - you too could come up with a product or service that you can offer either on Cyber Street or Main Street that will make you thousands a day!

My hope and mission is to bring out the concept of "unplugging from the matrix" to engaging with the bright and beautiful reality of positive energy and creativity that will lift the consciousness of the People in America to take this opportunity of this economic downturn to change themselves. To be able to thrive in this economy and shorten its duration will require us to change.

WE are the change we have been waiting for. Obama was the spark - But the change has to be with US.

Use the tools that are available online to increase your knowledge of the internet. Start increasing your internet knowledge base.


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