Ways to Prevent Cyber-Bullying & Solutions to Cyber-Bullying

Cyber-Bullying is the harassment & humiliation of one child by the hands of another child over the internet.

It can be completed using verbal or written assaults or by posting images, real or fabricated using graphic software, to humiliate, degrade, embarrass, or harass your children and cause emotional trauma.

There are ways to prevent Cyber-Bullying and if it is already present there are very effective solutions to Cyber-Bullying.

Statistics show 1 out of 3 children experience internet harassment. The problem is less than half will inform their parent about the problem.

It is usually initiated against your son or daughter by someone who knows them, possibly a school-mate.

The internet bully is usually smart enough to use a fictitious profile to avoid you knowing who they are.

There are many ways to prevent this as a parent to help protect your child from this very serious problem.

Here are some solutions to internet harassment:

*Make sure the computer your kid uses is in a public area of your home where you can help supervise online sessions.

*Instruct your Sibling to never post their real name or photo in their profile and to make their profile private so that they cannot be identified.

*Teach them never to give out any private information over the internet.

*Show them how to use options in the forum to block posts from anyone they find to be objectionable.

*Tell them to delete suspicious email without opening it.

*Make sure they never share their passwords or personal info with anyone.

*Stress to your child to inform you immediately if an incident of Cyber-Bullying occurs.

Internet harassment is an extremely serious risk to your child's safety.

Bullying, online or offline, can cause your son or daughter to become seriously depressed and suffer a loss of self esteem or self worth.

The number of suicides among young children and teenagers due to the devastating effects of bullying has been on the rise.

It is reported that every half hour, 48 kids a day, commit suicide as a result of bullying (Bullycide) or Cyber-Bullying (Cyber Bullycide).

19,000 children each year attempts to commit suicide as a result of the tormenting by an online bully.

If you notice signs that your son or daughter might be struggling with the effects of being bullied you need to take it very seriously and take immediate action.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with a mental health specialist.

If you know of a bullying incident do not hesitate to contact school officials, the internet provider of services if it was on the net, and law enforcement agencies for assistance.

It does not have to be a long term occurrence for serious damage to be done. Just one or two sessions of "bully-like" behavior can cause serious emotional damage to your child.

Parents must be pro active in the prevention of Cyber-Bullying!


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