Cyber Bullies And Your Child

If you are noticing changes in behavior, social interaction and moods of your child or teen; alarms should be sounding in your head. Parents tend to think the worst, especially when kids are uncommunicative about their friends, activities etc. Every parent's worst nightmare is that their kids are into drugs, but that's not the only issue facing youngsters today. Your child may have a problem with cyber bullies. Cyber bullies are peers and other young people who harass their victims through text or email messages and social media sites. Your child may be distraught over this maltreatment and feels helpless to stop or remedy the problem. That's where you come in.

Once you have identified that your child is being victimized, you can help to stop it. The main thing you want to communicate to your child is that you are there to help and protect him/her and that you can stop cyber bullies from harassing your child. Let your young person know that you are out to stop these kind of people, and that he/she does not have to be a victim of bullying behavior. Having an authority figure such as a parent or teacher is empowering to young people, and will allow them to take the necessary steps to stand up to cyber bullies and to stop these vandal from harassing them.

Teach your kids that the cyber bullies are the ones with the problem, and that even though they have been singled out, they are not at fault. Help your child to set privacy settings and report them to email carriers and social networks for abuse. If need be, you can get your teen a new email address and phone number with strict privacy settings so that cyber bullies cannot harass them through text messages and email. Go to school authorities and make sure that you notify them to help stop them from victimizing other by identifying them at school and with law enforcement. Cyber bullies should not be allowed to get away with this damaging behavior. Setting an example of them at school is a good way to deter them from this type of behavior in the future. Communication with your child is the main key to keep them safe online. Your young person must know they can trust and confide in you and rely upon you to help them deal with and stop cyber bullies from making them or others a victim of their malice.


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