Laws Against Cyber-Bullying - A Failure to Protect Our Kids

The facts are black and white and cannot be denied. Cyber-Bullying is one of the major dangers that our children face. Yet laws against Cyber-Bullying are not in place to afford our children the protection they deserve and need.

As of January 27, 2010 I found that only 9 states offered any form of legislation addressing the problem and no federal action has been taken that I could find evidence of.

The 9 states that offered some form of legislation (most of which I felt did not address the situation with adequate consequences for the violator) were:

*New Jersey
*New York
*Rhode island

How many kids need to commit suicide as the result of Cyber-Bullying for our government to realize action needs to be taken?

Our Federal Government, through either the Legislative or Judicial branches, needs to create laws to prosecute those who attack our sons and daughters in the form of Cyber-Bullying. Our States Legislative or Judicial branches need also to get involved. There are several agencies that provide strict supervision of internet activity that are in violation of laws or fair trade practices.

Where are they when it comes to the protection of our children on the internet?

The majority of the Cyber-Bullying takes place in the chat rooms and forums on the internet that are designed to attract our children. These are the same places internet sexual predators hang out to search for their victims. Any chat room or forum that promotes their services to our children as a place to hang out needs to be forced to:

*Provide only public rooms or forums for use; no private chat rooms!

*Make sure all private messages are blocked

*Make private all profile information

*Ban any uploading of photos

*Ban any emailing between participating members

*Allow for message blocking of any user by another user for any reason

*Ban the use of all webcams services

*Provide 24 hour moderation of the forums and chat rooms.

Many of these chat rooms make a very handsome profit off of the advertising raised by their services.

I think the least they can do is to provide the safety measures I have listed above to protect the children they are trying to attract to their domain.

If those practices were implemented our children would be much safer as a result. I as a parent would be happy to have my child use that service over another that does not adhere to those practices.

We need to write our State Legislators.

We need to write our Federal Legislators.

We need to let Internet Providers know we expect them to make the necessary changes in service policies to protect our kids.

We need to stand up for the safety of our kids and make sure our elected officials and Internet Service Providers know we expect action to be taken!


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