Security Boogeyman at It Again

So hold on to your money and your freedom, the House Intelligence Committee has passed a new cyber security bill which, get this - affords companies "liability" protection in exchange for "threat" information.

Remember, I told you before that we are at war in cyber space. And of course stuff gets passed to "protect" us from the cyber "enemy". Are you feeling kind of Iraqi war-ish yet? After all can't you feel the creepy cyber varmints lurking in your computers and phones. Be afraid. Be very afraid. Cause if you are fearful enough the big business can have their way. Boo!

CNN says "The bill also allows the government to share intelligence and other cyber threat information with industry."

Do you see the free flow of data going back and forth between the government and business and the business ( that we trust with our data) escaping liability? Well you better, cause that's exactly what's happening.

In the name of our "security" we have to give up rights. How? That comes next. If the company does not have liability because they gave cyber data to the government, guess who does shoulder liability?

Or in other words, if they get hacked and data is stolen, the only thing that will protect them is that they gave "cyber" data to the government. And there will be fines for non-compliance. Maybe not in this particular bill, but they will be "forced" to give up the data.

Hey, is this some kind of Trojan (horse)?

Oh, and they (businesses) are not to use any of that "cyber" data which is flowing from the government for business type things,like marketing. Right! They won't, unless...there is profit involved. Follow the money folks.Oh, (sorry, I can't keep a straight face), law enforcement is not to use any data for spying on us citizens. Ha! Some bill. No huge debate, no real public discussion, just a bunch of guys carving it up.

What really happened?

So a bunch of big biz types decided that they can't really stop the assaults on their data (our data) because it eats into profits. Now they need the government to bail them out. The Mandiant Report has done its job.

Of course this could get bounced out by the President, but it will return in some form or other. Boo!

Here we go! They are at it again.


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