Virtual Hunting, Whatever Will They Think Of Next?

Do you have withdrawals from hunting in the off season or when you weren't one of the lucky ones who got an elk tag? You can still enjoy the fun of hunting from home with a virtual hunting computer game. You also won't have to deal with wet clothes and shoes, sore leg muscles, or lousy food. You can simply reap the good things about any hunting experience.

One of the most popular hunting computer games is Deer Hunter by Atari. You get to choose from six very detailed natural habitats with the graphics displayed in 3D. There are five different animals you can choose to hunt including Axis and European Roe deer. During play you will have the opportunity to manage herds with realistic genetics as well as herd growth after the hunting season. There are many great weapons, types of ammunition, and transportation to choose from to help you in your hunting adventures. To add to the fun, you can choose to network with others and play the game with them. This is definitely one of the very best computer hunting games out there.

Cabelas offers Big Game Hunter created by Activision. This particular game is part of a series they offer on outdoor themed games. You have the change to hunt in various conditions, making the game very realistic. The goal of the game is to successfully make it through five regions and hunt all the animals featured in each of those regions. Along the way you will win trophies, purchase equipment, and get to choose from 16 firearms. Another feature that makes it very realistic is having to follow the hunting laws for each region. This is one feature that many who play the game are unhappy with.

In Deer Avenger: Open Season, the tables are turned, giving the deer the opportunity to hunt humans. The object of this computer hunting game [] is to lure the humans with various mating calls and then shoot them with an M-16 or bazooka. The game has some fun features too such as tranquilizing housewives and knocking out humans by farting on them. This is a very fun game for any hunter who has a great sense of humor.

Deer Hunt Challenge is offered by Electronic Arts. This particular computer hunting game is focused on hunter safety. It also features 3D graphics with 30 different hunting scenarios to choose from. You will get to select from a variety of weapons and ammunition while playing the game. There is also a great selection of gear to choose from including scents, calls, antlers, decoys, tree stands, and binoculars. All of this equipment can help you during your virtual hunting experiences.

Computer hunting games are a great way to pass the time when you aren't able to participate in the real sport. They are also very inexpensive to purchase so you won't feel a dent in your wallet to play them.


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