How To Beat Cyber Stalkers At Their Own Game

Cyber stalking and internet bullying cases are on the rise in the US. A number of teens and even some adults have committed suicide due to cyber stalking. Recent studies suggests that approximately 1 out of 3 teens, that have access to the internet or mobile phones are involved in cyber bullying, either as victims or proponents. Cyber stalkers often involve third parties into the harassment, they may post the victim's personal information such as a name or phone number on public online forums and social networking sites in effort to encourage others to join in on the pursuit. The goal is to turn other people against them. The US is trying to implement new laws against cyber stalkers however, those laws aren't etched in stone and it's still very hard to prosecute the offenders. There are some ways to beat cyber stalkers and bullies at their own game and defeat them.

  • Don't trust anything you receive or read without verifying the poster through known, reliable sources.

  • Ignore postings or private e-mails that are suspicious, such as those that praise, flatter or evoke a sympathetic response. Bullies feed off of your response even in the cyber world. If you need to block them. Many social networking websites and email have privacy settings that enable you to block unwanted users from contacting and viewing your account.

  • Do not be afraid to report them. Fear makes bullies and cyber stalkers feel that they are in control. You can show them that their behavior won't be tolerated and that you are prepared to take action by reporting them to the compliance administrators on social networking sites or your local authorities. Make sure you have a log copy of anything you have received from your stalker. This includes, but is not limited to, copies of posts, photos, emails, messages and etc.

Crazy people are everywhere. They do not just lurk in dark alleys at night. So there is no way to totally avoid stalkers and bullies - especially when dealing in online presence. It's even harder to avoid them if you have to work with or share a classroom with them. However, you can let them know that their behavior won't be tolerate by letting them know that you refuse to allow them to harass you. There is always strength in numbers so do not be afraid to ask for help and get people involved if need be.

In most cases, the stalker has very little ammunition to use against you so the goal is to have you divulge it to them by getting you to engage or respond to them. Do not let them. By following the tips post above you are able to beat them at their own game and put a stop to their abuse tactics.


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