Cyberspace Is For Everyone

The World Wide Web is a gift of technology to the people in the 21st century.

It deems numerous benefits for the people and the cyber community. As a means of communication, it works like the speed of light.

As made up of science it could not be the property of any government, but of those who own its tangible domains and documents, and of course, the author and his assigns (as in the basic copyright laws and the fundamental laws).

The internet is a virtual society. It is egalitarian (Wikipedia). It can serve as schools to out of school youth, a library to busy students, workers and professionals, an update and news to the global community across oceans.

It volunteers in the "I Share Community" free books, creative basic and experienced tips, free games, free movies, free knowledge, free mass celebrations, free consultation from experts and free ads; around the world! Everyone can easily afford and get access online saving time, money and effort in just one click.

Yes, the internet is virtual! And it is complicated! One heart of people! It is classless and ageless. It gives free opportunities for everyone (the rich and poor, etc). However, if a law will be passed, it has to be studied and managed well pro-users; for the vision and result of progress and charity.

If laws would be passed doubling penalties or burdening the majority users and people, they will not be workable laws, because only a few would benefit from them.

Logically, online or for real, it is the same because the thoughts are released by a human brain. But then, the Web has its internet laws with support from different countries, like what is known as "netiquette" and human rights.

How would you know the limit of its uses? What if anyone commits errors in the like or unlike of postings, videos and pictures? Not everyone online is educated or of the same levels, then cyber laws have to be clarified. Remember the internet is like a free school for the benefit of the people in this age of new media. The sheets are like drafting papers online - it could be subjective and still be for editing. Some are even fictional and even some texts are of various symbols and signs, as in the language or criticism of different fields of study blogged by paid or volunteer experts.

How about poetry? How about literature? How about personal emails? The internet is a like home; non-users would never know how it really works. It is a big space for language, for arts, and most of all, a medium of free communication of peace and kindness.

See this example.
Each person has his right to freedom of expression, as inherent as God's gift of speech for human beings. Opinions could not be right or wrong. It can be a form of belief, attitude or thought. How can you put someone to jail for his thoughts? Unless, a harmful act is committed, it is not a crime. Only God can judge one's thoughts.

The Philippines is a free country, therefore any law that would come across borders of cyber space must be well- studied and must be just for the least. Vague laws will tend to deceive people. Its pros and cons couldn't be understood by ordinary people. To cut their tongues and suppress their hearts and thoughts, which in literature or art - could be an opinion or thought for better thinkers, is also a crime against the global community around the world.

Freedom of expression is not the job of a popular few like those in power; in fact it is everyone's job; and everyone's gift to communicate. We are human, inherent in us, is the power of language. Evolution has brought us to progress in this 21st century powered by new media. Don't forget the World Wide Web is for everyone. And yes, there must be laws; but make if right and just - that which would serve the least.

No cyber martial law, please!
Not yet in age of flying cars; no, not yet!
God, on cyberspace, send holy workers!
Most Sacred Heart, bless all with peace.


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