Juvenile Crime

Although a lot of juvenile crimes resemble those for adult crimes, penalties and laws associated with juvenile criminal offenses are substantially different. Two of the most significant distinctions are that juveniles are not entitled to a trial by jury, nor are they permitted to be discharged on bail.

A juvenile criminal is anyone under the age of 18. When your child is being charged with juvenile crimes, it is of the utmost importance that you have an experience juvenile and family law attorney to represent you and your child. With many juvenile cases, an experienced attorney can get a lighter sentence or in some cases, rehabilitation instead of placement in a state juvenile facility.

Juvenile crimes can be categorized by misdemeanors and or felonies. the categorization of the crime is based upon the crimes intensity and or violence in some cases. This is especially so, when there is also a sexual criminal offense attached to the crime or if the crime is committed on a school campus, if there is gang involvement in the commencement of the crime or in the event that a tool is used as a weapon, then the juvenile crime may be subject to being charged as an adult, in which case, bail may be set and he or she can be tried by a jury.

Juvenile crimes can break a family apart and can rob children of the rest of their childhood as it also threatens to change the very essence of who the child is, in the act of disciplining the child for the criminal behavior. There are endless reports that show that children who are convicted of juvenile crimes and are held in a state facility for juveniles, come out a rougher meaner version of themselves. This is due to what they had to endure while in incarceration of a juvenile facility. The studies go on to show that a very large percentage of these damaged youth go on to commit new crimes, only now when they are brought to justice, they serve their time as adults.

There are some children who are convicted of juvenile crimes that ought to have received a lighter sentence than they received. There are also children who truly do not understand the ramifications of their actions and they may be suffering from ADD or ADHD or other conditions that have limited their abilities, to fully comprehend their actions and the ramifications from their deeds. They truly may need the proper medication for their conditions and possible psychological analysis. It is important that you and your child be represented, so that your child get' s a chance to live out the rest of their childhood in your home and not within a juvenile facility.

Young individuals make mistakes and it is very essential to ensure that these mistakes do not do not ruin their future! A juvenile criminal offense lawyer with our law company will treat you and your family with respect and attempt to supply the emotional support you require while strongly defending your child's rights and guaranteeing they get the best possible defense and result, including the probability of case termination or reduction of the charges.

I will likewise fight boldly to keep your child from state facilities. I will do every thing possible to guarantee your child's case is kept in juvenile court and that a 16 or 17 year old is isn't tossed unfairly into adult court.

If your child has been indicted of a crime, but has not yet been charged formal charges may be able to be waived if you act, now!

Maximum Sentence Term For A Juvenile

Murder under 2C:11 -3 a (1) or (2) 20 years

Murder under 2C:11 -3 a (3) 10 years

1st Degree Criminal Offense 4 years (except murder)

2nd Degree Criminal Offense 3 years

3rd Degree Criminal Offense 2 years

4th Degree Criminal Offense 1 year

Offense: Disorderly Persons 6 months

Theft & Fraud

Theft and fraud are criminal offenses, which are similar, yet not identical to theft and fraud in adult courts of New Jersey. Both theft and fraud can be prosecuted as a misdemeanor or as a felony. Juveniles who are found guilty of these charges can be sentenced to: fines, probation, detention in a juvenile facility, boot camps, prison these penalties can be combined and more penalties could be added to this list.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes are also part of the juvenile justice system as sometimes our juveniles can make horrible decisions that affect other for years to come. The charges that the state of New Jersey can file against juveniles involved in sex crimes are; sexual harassment, molestation, rape and they can also be charged as adults who commit sexual crimes if they are found guilty of committing a felony. If incarcerated in a state institution, they may be subject to severe measures and therapy programs.

Medicine Possession & Circulation

Medicines need not be on the juvenile for someone to be charged with possession. All that is called for is for the medications to be located someplace that the law takes into account to be under their control, and this can extend to vehicles, backpacks, or the residence. Juvenile medication possession and juvenile medication sale situations can be prospects for rehabilitation treatment in addition to incarceration, depending on seriousness of the criminal offense and usefulness of the defense attorney.

Assault & Battery

Juvenile assault is the attempt to injure yet another person, and juvenile battery is any sort of unwanted contact. Battery can be executed on either an individual or on someone's property that is linked to the individual, and either fee is able to cause extreme charges.


The charges for juveniles, when it comes to weapons can include the illegal possession of a firearm, the discharging of a weapon or firearm, the brandishing of a weapon or firearm, concealing a weapon, and many more. In addition, if the juvenile is in a school zone when arrested by the police, they could receive more sever charges, for possession of a firearm within a school zone. Our experienced juvenile lawyers are able to help you obtain fair treatment and can easily frequently negotiate favorable pleas with the prosecutors or fight the situation all the way with testing.

Computer Crimes

Juvenile home computer crimes are as serious as the adult PC criminal offenses. Fraud and cyber crimes are becoming more prevalent in our society. Unfortunately or youth is involved in this crime. When a juvenile is found guilty of having used a computer to hack or steal an individuals identity, the possible consequences are probation, fines and incarceration.


The damaging, detrimental to, or defacing a person's property. Juvenile vandalism covers a wide variety of ways that juveniles can deface, destroy property of others depending on the volume and degree of destruction. The crime could be the keying of a car to knocking over tomb stones in a cemetery, to destruction of school or church property. Whether the juvenile is prosecuted as a misdemeanor or as a felony largely rely upon the crime's and it's volume and degree

All Further Juvenile Offenses

Besides the above juvenile crimes, there are other juvenile crimes that children can commit such as; abusing town ordinance curfews, truancy and running away. Regardless of your children's circumstances, you should hire an experienced juvenile and family law attorney, who will represent you and protect your child's rights. Hiring the right attorney now, could have impact for the rest of your child's life as the charges against him could cause him to not be able to receive financial assistance for education, be turned down from admission to higher education and in many circumstances prevent your child from obtaining employment.


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A teenager legal is anyone under the age of 18. When your kid is being charged with teenager legal violations, it is essential that you have an experience teenager and family law lawyer to signify you and your kid. With many teenager situations, an experienced lawyer can get a less heavy phrase or in some situations, recovery instead of positioning in a state teenager facility.

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