Cyber Law and the Internet

With all the information that is exchanged on the internet it makes it an easy target for crimes to be committed. You are exchanging personal information every time you shop or join a social network. Strangers are consistently trying to access this personal information about others so it can be used in other ways.

Since the internet is drawing in more people daily for using, it is also drawing crime in. The crimes on the internet are mounting daily. There are many different kinds of crimes that are done for different reasons. Some crimes like hacking are done so a person can have bragging rights. Other crimes are done in order to get a person personal information so it can be resold on the black market.

Let us take things a step farther so you will understand the different types of internet crimes. There are computer intrusions which mean bots, worms, viruses, spyware, malware and hacking. Computer intrusions have been known to take down complete systems in many different organizations. Sometimes it is another organization knocking the competition out for a while. Other times it is someone wanting to brag that they hacked into a major system and disrupted things and made the system crash.

Child pornography is growing at a rapid place on the internet. With the child pornography there are more pedophiles that are showing up on the internet. The pedophiles are trying to lure children in to meeting them. If a child is going to be on the internet it is always best to take precautions and restrict where they can and cannot go. This will help to keep them safe from lurking criminals.

These are just a few of the internet crimes that are committed around the clock. There are laws in place to handle internet crimes. These crimes are dealt with just like a crime that was not committed on the internet. There will be steep fines and even jail time if a persons is caught doing any type of crime on the internet.

A thing to remember is the person will have criminal records if they are charged with an internet crime. Criminal records follow a person around for the rest of their lives and can make it hard to do certain things. People have many reasons to look at persons records from curiosity to jobs. The records are easy to view online any time of day or night. A person only needs to know where to go in order to search criminal records and they can see every crime a person has ever committed.

The next time you are online and thinking about doing something to another person, you better think twice. Just because another person cannot see you or does not know who you are does not mean they cannot track you. Everything on the internet can be tracked one way or another. A crime will be dealt with even if it was committed on the internet. There could be steep fines and even mandatory jail time. It just depends what the person is being charged with.


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