How To Stop Your Child From Cyber Bullying

Is your child being bullied on the Internet? If so, you should take it seriously. Cyber bullying is the latest way that bullies torment their targets. These new forms of school bullies are using Facebook, My Space, Instant Messaging, chat rooms, and websites to threaten, humiliate, and belittle their targets.

What can you do if your child is a target on online harassment? Discourage your child from responding to cyber bullying. This type of behavior only encourages the Bully and can increase the torment. Instead encourage your child to ignore the bully. Be sure to save all messages and pictures that were used to harass your child. Sometimes it may be as simple as reporting the bully for using inappropriate language on the internet site on which the bullying is taking place. This type of behavior usually violates the terms of the service agreement and the bully may be banned from the online site permanently.

What can you do to protect your child from cyber bullying? Setting parental controls on most computers and mobile devices can aid in blocking most online attacks. Screen names and phone numbers can be blocked so that your child can longer receive attacking or inappropriate messages. Online Bullies can assume new screen or user names, however, most will most likely lose interest in harassing your child if access continues to remain blocked.

What can you do if your child is subject to cyber bullying at school? If your child's online bullying happens to occur at school, you should contact the schools administrator immediately. Most schools have a zero tolerance policy on any kind of harassment. Online bullying is considered to be harassment and the appropriate action will be taken again the tormentor.

If the cyber bullying occurs off school campus and you know the identity of the online bully, contacting their parents is one option. You should make contact either verbally or by letter and explain the situation in a non confrontational manner. If you have proof of the online bullying provide it the parents so they have a clear understanding of what is taking place online. The tormentor's parents may not be aware that their child is bullying others online and will more than likely step in and put a stop to it.

Teenagers are often not aware of the damage and the ramifications that can occur as a result of cyber bullying, and will continue if adults do not step in and put a stop to their harmful actions. Some teenagers know the damage they can cause, are doing it purposefully, and will not stop until adults take appropriate action.

In some instances cyber bullying is against the law. If cyber bullying is considered harassment, threatening, or pornographic in nature you should contact the authorities immediately. This type of behavior is probably against the law and you may be able to pursue legal action.

The most important thing is to take action as soon as you realize that your child is being bullied online. If not stopped, cyber bullying can get out of hand and can lead to serious actions or ramifications by both the victim and the bully.


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