5 Tips on Qualities Which a Good Attorney Should Portray

1. Be Confident!

A confident Attorney will give his or her clients the best. There is always someone out there you admire, who has inspired you in your chosen profession, but, the confidence you have in yourself, will translate into the type of attorney you will be. Never under estimate the power of being you. There is only one you, and that is whom you are supposed to be. Re-inventing yourself is never the way. You will find out that you become disappointed in whom you have become. Show the world whom you are and that is enough.

2. Be Honest!

Being honest in some circles is considered over rated, but in the profession of an Attorney it is that character that will enable you to stand. The moment you go down the road of being dishonest, you more than likely have tarnished your career, and you will have become a person you don't even recognize. Always be true to yourself and this will enable you to be a good attorney to your clients. People admire honesty in their civil servants, and in general they want the people who are representing them to be the same. Honesty is the best policy.

3. Your Clients are Important!

Make your clients your top priority. This enables your clients to have confidence in you. Be available to them at all times, on request. The moment you are not taking their calls and putting them in the hands of your assistant or secretary, then this is a signal that you don't value them as your client. People are put out the moment they are not made to feel significant. Be there for them, remember you are the expert, and they rely on you for just about everything that they may think is relevant to them. Always be there to answer any questions they may have. If you are not available at that time to take the call, make it your priority to return the call personally.

4. Be a Good Communicator!

This is the age of email; cyber space is available to everyone. Never be a bad communicator. If you are going to be late for your appointment, then, use make a call, or send a text, or send an email. By doing this, you will show the client that you value their time. It is so un-professional when you have someone waiting. They have lives too, so you need to respect this. Communicate communicate and communicate. At the end of a session, or at the end of a hearing, you need to send an update or a note reminding them of what has transpired thus far with their case. Never let be said that they don't know. What you know, the client must know also.

5. Run from a Problem!

Money should not be the main issue in accepting a client. The quality effort and representation you give to your client must be the main thing. If you see or know that a client is going to be a problem, then the best and professional thing to do is decline representation. Head aches, heartburn, ulcers and other medical complaints need not be your reward for representing someone. You will find yourself spending the money you make on getting better, than on enjoying it.


Sergio Freddson said...

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