5 Steps to Achieve What You Want

Everybody wants a great and successful life. Below are a 5 steps formula you can apply every day on a consistent basis.

Don't let the simplicity of these steps fool you.

Step 1 - You need to know exactly what you really want. Maybe you have heard this before but you just know what you really want. Here is a great way to find out. Who do you admire most in this planet or in your immediate circle of influence? Maybe a successful business, a dream home, an outstanding relationship. Just make a list as long as that it what YOU want. Put no restriction on your desire. This is a time to fantasy.

Step 2 - Add pictures and emotion to your desire. This can be a dream board with pictures or a movie you create or just an audio recording.
The main important point is that you have to add emotion to it, maybe a background music. Then watch it every day and practice visualization.

Step 3 - Make a plan to achieve the goal and work the plan.
The plan should show how you want to accomplish this goal. The plan starts with the vehicle you want to use to achieve your goal. Is the vehicle real estate investing? Internet marketing? Stock trading? Commodity trading? Consulting? What is it?

Then start working the plan.

Step 4 - Be consistent and persistent.
Without consistency you will achieve nothing. You should work the plan everyday in the direction of your goal. You should also visualize your dream board many times a day. This will program your sub-conscious mind and help you achieve your goal quicker.

Some of the questions people asked are: what is people laugh at me or who do you think you're anyway. Just ignore them and pursue your goal. If mockery and ridicule stop you then you don't have a strong desire to succeed.

Step 5 - Vibrate at a higher lever
This is the law of attraction in play. You should think about your goal and be happy about it. You should always be happy and feel good. If your goal excites you, you should feel good all the time. Feeling good all the time is one the most missing ingredient. Don't make that mistake.

Now see yourself of having achieved your dream. The rest will be guided by the cyber-psychology mechanism.

Now go for it. You cannot turn back.

Have a fulfilled life.


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