Effective Measures to Prevent Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying has become very common these days. It has become a novel method adopted by bullies to target their victims. These days, bullies use instant messages & websites, chat room to humiliate or torture the victims. In case your child has suffered cyber bullying, you must take it seriously. It is important to discourage your child from responding to cyber bullying. It would be wise to save all the pictures & messages that were used as tools to bully the child.

It is equally important to identify the person who is involved in the bullying. You can even contact the authorities to trace these people for you.

First & foremost, you need to make out whether your child is really getting bullied. Keep tabs on the kind of websites or email forums he uses. You should know the people he chats with and the kinds of messages he gets, In case you find traces threatening or humiliating messages, you need to take appropriate actions.

Children are often not aware of the basic idea behind the kind of messages they are getting, when they start understanding it's too late to act.

Do not allow your child to post personal information on websites, chat rooms or email addresses. It is quiet possible for the bully to attach via phone & computer. Also ask your child not to give his real name on the World Wide Web until necessary or unavoidable.

If you think that the cyber bullying has occurred at school then you need to contact the school authorities so that necessary steps can be taken by the authorities to save your child getting victimized.

If you think that cyber bullying has become serious, you can contact law authorities. There are times where you can see that your child is getting harassed by pornographic pictures & messages. This is very serious and illegal. Make sure that you contact your local police department on an immediate basis & let them know that your child is getting bullied online. Take an action soon so that your child gets timely attention.

Here are some more important steps to stop cyber bullying:

a) Go through all the messages and make a conclusion.

b) You need to reply all the messages and pretend to be friends.

c) In case, befriending doesn't help take help of your friend. This will provide you the support you require.

d) Block the messages as soon as you can.

e) Delete all the received messages. In case, the message continues, check out with the internet company & ask them if a warning can be sent out.

f) Change your email if all your efforts fail.

g) Don't react. This will instigate the bully to bother you further.

h) Stop replying to emails instant messages, chatroom conversations.

i) Take someone into confidence.

j) Don't trust everyone who tries to be your friend online.

k) Don't keep secrets from your parents. They will help you in coming out of a trouble.

l) Make friends offline whom you can trust. They can prove to be a good support to you in the times of misery.

m) Taking steps to stop cyber bullying is the best way to keep you safe.


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