Policing the Internet

The Internet was created by the United States government for universities to exchange knowledge. In 1994 Bill Clinton let private companies open up the Internet to the general public. What happened next is the wild Wild West. If you wanted to say hateful or racist things that you would never say if others knew, you would say them. If you had snapped a naked picture of your neighbor. You could put it online and anyone with a 56kb modem could look and there basically wasn't anything anyone could do. Same deal with the URL address. Urls were basically given away, if someone else got there first they kept it. Things on the Internet are slowly changing as the Internet regulators tighten rules.

Leading the way to policing and regulation is the United States government. The US has had a campaign against, Child pornography/pedophilia, terrorist planning, hate messages and cyber bullying; these crimes are not acceptable to the majority of people world wide.

President Bush of the United States is against the child sex trade. In US law it is now illegal for American citizens to have sex with children in countries where it is legal. Many Americans would book a trip and pay for child whore houses online before they left. The US has also increase minimum jail time in the United States for pedophilia has been double from 15 years to 30 years. Companies such as Epifora Inc have been kicked out of the States for distributing child pornography. Epifora has moved to Canada but is under attack by Canadian lawmakers.

Television show such as Dateline’s To Catch a Predator have help to monitor the Internet for predators. Dateline has girl bait an older man and then when he enters her house he is greeted by Dateline's host. Predator baiting has become a trend, making the Internet largely regulated by Moles and Rats who report illegal activity.

Regulating companies include ICANN, the FCC and the W3C. ICANN controls the IP address scheme, and if you own a trademark and someone else owns the .com you can purchase the .com name at cost from the owner. The FCC regulates communication online; they monitor messages and phone calls made online.

If you find something illegal on the web, you can be a mole/rat and report it to [https://rn.ftc.gov/pls/dod/wsolcq]$.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=PU01. The information you report will be made available to the proper authority. Do your part and help police the Internet on "real"(not piracy) crimes!


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