Internet Carpetbaggers and Cyber Crime

Within the past decade the world has witnessed an exponential explosion of turmoil, technological growth and a quiet reluctance within the human population about the misgivings of their respective governments.

As it is what happens within the mortal world of flesh and bone so it is following into the Cyber Kingdom of the Internet. Honesty is something that must be checked upon and dishonesty must be acknowledged and dealt with.

In researching for this article, I have read of governments pitting themselves against other governments. Governments passing laws that favour tighter restrictions on human rights and giving greater access to the criminals that prowl the Internet itself.

As in the days of the wild west when the lawless ran amuck and plagued society, so it is in the realm of the Cyber Kingdom. Thieves run rampant and the problem escalates in proportion to the amount of new people that come online.

I recently have personally been swindled out of an unmentionable sum of money by folks that were perceived as honest and trustworthy. I would make mention of the sites that were involved but for fear of slander charges I will omit.

The part that is most troublesome in all of this is no one is attempting to slow down the persistent abuse of the population through the use of cyber crime.

The only difference between the modern cyber criminal and the outlaws and carpetbaggers of the wild west is that at least in days of old you had a trusty side arm to at least give some assurance of safety and protection.

To our continued success.


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