Buying Second Hand Music Gear

Buying a new musical instrument can cost much more than what your budget permits. So, especially for those who are beginning to learn the instrument, it is a good idea to try out the second hand music gear. These second hand music gear are available in various local music shops. It is also available on the various music websites and as well as classified websites.

Another way of searching for a good second hand music gear is the classified advertisements of the daily newspapers. Classified websites offer innumerable choices of products. For example, if someone is looking for a guitar he can have ample choices to select from. These sites offer clear norms or rules, which are easy for both the buyers and the sellers.

There are some auction sites also where one can bid for his selected instrument. Auction sites have become very popular these days, as buyers can get their desired instrument at a very low price. But one has to abide the cyber laws, which have been implemented (to lower cyber crimes) for purchasing any instrument. There are also some facilities, given to the buyers by these sites, which make buying all the more fun. Some of these rules are:

No advertisements or external hassle.

Genuine personal supervision, service, and advice.

Proper previous and after sales service.

The ability often to combine shipments, and help with collections and deliveries for cheap and safe shipping.

No sale, no fee.

The banning of hidden reserve prices; if a person bid, he will get the item if no one is there to beat him.


Buying second hand music gear can save money, but there are pitfalls for the unwary. It is all too easy to buy a bargained thing, then find it will cost more to fix than the price of a good one. With older models, external components are probably not available. These include keys, buttons, knobs and case parts. In general it is wise only to consider purchase, if the instrument is complete and in reasonable cosmetic condition. Even instruments using standard parts are not immune to this obsolescence.

Over the years the patterns, dimensions and general design of many components change. Others are ceased to be made when sales drop below economic margin. Previously many digital instruments used devices called ULAs. These were a cross between a high volume produced standard gate array and a custom part. A standard matrix of gates was made in large numbers, but the mask printed interconnections, essential to form a working logic system were omitted. The device was thus not committed to serve any particular purpose.


Buying a second hand music gear to begin learning an instrument is a good option. Good instruments are available at local music shops, where one can verify the condition of the instrument, bargain directly with the seller and then buy the thing. Sometimes one can also avoid paying shipping charges when buying from a local shop. Online purchases offer innumerable options of selecting the right instrument for oneself. One can bargain and bid for his favorite instruments too.


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