Why Should I Join A Book Club?

Question 1: Are you an ardent reader?

Question 2: You don't like spending much on books, do you?

Well, if you answered question 1 as yes and the second one as no, then this is for you, Book Club Info.

Incase, you don't mind spending on books and prefer having a personal collection, well you can still read on and get ideas to start your own book club in your locality and encourage children to read books with very less rent.

Book club subscriptions are different than library subscriptions. Library allows you access to all genres and categories and you can get the books re-issued according to its demand and number of copies. But you can get only a maximum of three books at a time, and the worst part is returning them when you still haven't completed reading them.

Such terms, however, are usually absent in book clubs. Book clubs are associated with recent books. Library contains a warehouse of books that have been read and liked for ages. On the contrary, book clubs support the promotion of new coming up books along with the older ones, depending upon the genre you choose to read.

Book clubs grant you membership according to the genre. You cannot have the access to their complete database.

Prestigious book clubs also give you a free copy of their newsletter and recommended books on subscribing.

The main reason why people join book clubs is the amount of money they save, and also the amount of information that they provide. Usually living in a world where literary developments are only restricted to GK books, they give you all information about who's publishing what and who's reading who.

Now-a-days, there are also online book clubs. You can subscribe online, and send them a list of books that you want, and the rest would be done by the book club via mail. This procedure actually saves a lot of time and effort because the larger part of the process is being taken care of by the Book Club itself. All you have to do is mail them your list.

You can also send these subscriptions, online or otherwise, to a friend or relative who loves reading.


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