Cyber Signs of Cheating in a Relationship

There is startling new research showing signs of cheating in a relationship has become so widespread as a result of online methodologies.

Recently research from Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia found that often cyber daters may also be cyber cheaters.

It seems there is growing evidence of people from all walks of life leaving partnerships and offspring behind in pursuit of new partners or relationships where contact was initiated in chat rooms or online dating sites.

The figures are surprising and startling. Those looking for love in online networks are almost as likely to living in a current partnership - 41%, as those who are single which amounts to 46%. Signs of cheating in a relationship in cyber mode have therefore spread dramatically in recent years.

This means the use of internet chat rooms is changing and is very widespread. Now those with partners are growing significantly in their usage. But what does this all mean to society in general.

Well there are definite increases in private investigators and law suits against those cheating. It also means over the past decade, an almost hidden underground easily accessible movement (internet chat rooms) which only takes a few clicks of the mouse for involvement.

Cyber signs of cheating in a relationship can often be very well hidden from the uninitiated making discovery hard to detect. After all deceit is usually underground by nature.

This leads to an easier temptation of starting a relationship, for those who are inclined to do so. The signs of cheating in a relationship or the thought of going further into deception are now potentially very easy for virtually anybody. This is a very big change from only ten to fifteen years ago where online chat rooms and surfing the internet for love was virtually non existent.

Now you could be easily liaising with a potential partner in any part of the world or with someone online just down the road from you. This explosive growth in online usage in nearly every house hold means infidelity has been made easier.

Online chat rooms of the twenty-first century also offer the alluring prospect of anonymity to a large degree which adds to the mystique of it all in any liaison. Unsuspecting partners often have no idea of what is going on due to the way evidence online can be protected (to a large degree) by privacy laws and chat room security.

It seems online relationships are often cultivated over many months, in general. People are more likely to grow their chatting to a regular basis with potential mistresses or buddies for some time before meeting face to face. Interestingly, meeting face to face is very common where people have been chatting online for a fair period of time. So many online partnerships usually result in face to face meetings.

So the legitimacy of this form of secrecy and deception is up to the individual. But it does raise questions on whether the internet, for all the good things it has brought to people's lives, technology and businesses, whether it has a large potential to ruin relationships and promote signs of cheating in a relationship.


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